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September 12, 2012
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My manga "Undone", written and drawn by me, edited by David Lee
You can turn the pages on the top or bottom right hand corner.
Thank you very much to =eindraa and ^rydi1689 for making this a DD <3

FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T SEE THE WRITING - I've written the words for each page, hopefully this makes it easier to understand I'm so sorry it's too small to read... (I'll try to upload a bigger version when I get the proper programs)
Page 1
I am high up on a hill, where orange and yellow flowers glisten
I am under a shadow of a tree, and here it carries the dark of me.

Beyond the dull edge a sea of city is seen.
It is all trash, cement, and anything unclean.

To others my presence is unknown.
Here in this dark, I have always been alone
There is so much silence, so much emptiness,
I've got nothing to gain, hope for, or atone.
Page 2
I've realized this darkness will not fade or fray,
Whether the sun goes here or there, this is where the dark will stay.
Page 3
Then... a girl came by
her hair was as bright as the buttercups of spring
Page 4
"What's wrong? Why are you here under dark and cold?
Your colours have nulled and your face is gloom...
On days like these, we should be flying and buzzing like bees"
Page 5
"I'm not a bee and I will not buzz,
my world is here under the shadows, and here I will stay"
She looked at me sadly, the shine in her eyes became thin
Page 6
She handed me a flower, a rose without its thorns
"Take this, it is a part of me. I will come back and take you out of the shadows,
and bring the happiness that you need"
Page 7
"I promise you"
Page 8
She left me with the rose, its cherry red petals were soft to my fingers - it made me happy...
I stood out to the light, the coldness of bark on my back dwindled.
Her promise engraved me.
Page 9
She came everyday, she held me out to the sun
We always talked, laughed, danced and always had fun.
But I didn't notice...
Page 10
The rose petals were rotting...
along with her presence, she didn't come day by day anymore, she came less and less...
Page 11
I told her the rose was rotting, but she said
"It will never die, I will still come here to be with you,
what I felt for you then, I still feel now,
the rose is still here, even if its petals are coming undone"
This I tried to believe... but the petals kept on falling...
Page 12
I threw the petal-less rose over the edge into the pit of rust and trash.
One more, she came by
Page 13
Her hair still as bright as the buttercups of spring
"What's wrong? Why are you under the tree again? I came to take you out of the shadow...
what have I done that made you remain in pain?"

"The rose is dead, like your presence to me.
you said it'll never die and that is what I tried to believe".
Page 14
"Your smile in my days became less,
the shadow of the tree became more stretched.
The remains of the rose is over the edge,
now leave me here where I am meant to be"
Page 15
"I found another rose but you only saw that one die,
out in the city is rust and cement, this hill has no roses and my promise had to be kept.
It took me days around this place to find...
But you never believed me, you never tried."
Page 16
(pretty sure that's readable :L...)

Done on PS and a variety of traditional media.

If you want to see this and weekly updates of my work [link]

Hope you like it ^^
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-03-09
"Her rose will die if doubt is not slept, but it will not die if faith was kept"
Undone Manga by *NA0H tells a heartbreaking story of vanishing trust and shattering bonds... ( Suggested by iingo and Featured by rydi1689 )
thecreepyoneofmany Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
;_; i cried...
IS SO SAD!... But I still loves it >:-D
TROgirl Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
so cool! How did you make it flip the pages? o3o
NicksFluffyShit Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Or you drag them with mouse from the bottom right or left corner!! :3
TROgirl Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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:icontrogirl: You icon is SOOOOO CUTE!!!! 
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Arrow Keys.
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This was a very emotional story... bravo!
Grats on the DD; it's completely well-deserved! :squee: :heart:
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